Amazon Repricer

Reprice automatically in response to cost and competitors’ price changes.

Our single and reliable inventory management application allows you to conveniently control, manage and assess your multi-channel selling.

Get your products listed on all popular online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay without complicating your business operations.

Orders are awesome if you never have to manage them manually. Versatile commerce provides a fully automated purchase and sales function which allows you collect a limitless number of sales order from all sales channels and employ the most reliable suppliers and shipping methods.

Profit from the possibility of streamlining the process of purchasing with a centralised suppliers information. Versatile commerce organises the inventory replenishment process by fully automating data exchanges with your suppliers.

Our winning warehouse management solution allows you to manage multiple warehouses conveniently. Versatile commerce generates accurate reports and makes sure you get a deeper insight into warehouse management.

Win the Buy Box profitably by strategically raising or lowering your prices in SKUs across all the channels you sell on in response to your competitors’ price or cost changes. You’d never again have to guess whether or not you are selling at a profit or a loss.

Intelligent Repricing For Intelligent Retailers

Continuously analyse your competitive landscape and automatically reprice accordingly.

Dynamic repricing system

The need for price transparency is growing rapidly leading to an invariable increase in customer price sensitivity and tougher competition. VE.R Commerce helps you keep your prices competitive with a dynamic repricing system which automatically reprices your catalogue across all channels with pinpoint accuracy. From sophisticated price analysis to instant response to price changes, our system has got you covered; you’d never have to raise a finger.

We strategise and use policies; Not rules

Our repricing is based on product types, competitor prices, inventory age, Buy Box ownership and more. Our robust system determines the prices on thousands of price comparing sites, marketplaces and recommendation engines as well as other third-party systems. We then calculate the optimal prices for retailers.

Instant reactions and fast processing speed

Our system continually updates imports and exports and displays all surveys and analysis in real-time to ensure your prices are intelligently set at all times and enable you to spot new sales potentials. We detects changes in sales cost, fulfilment and products and then reprice up or down instantly. This way, we make sure you pull and stay ahead of your competitors at all times.
Easily import or export prices using API and ERP-connections in formats such as XML, YML, and CSV via HTTP or FTP(S).

Fulfilment method awareness

We understand that your costs vary with your order fulfilment methods. Our repricing solution consider each supplier’s fulfilment cost when making adjustments to your prices. Regardless of the fulfilment methods you use – cross dock, pick pack ship, drop ship, FBA or 3PL, VE.R Commerce protects your margins.

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