Marketplaces Integration

To Connect and Optimize the World of ecommerce

Our single and reliable inventory management application allows you to conveniently control, manage and assess your multi-channel selling.

Get your products listed on all popular online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay without complicating your business operations.

Orders are awesome if you never have to manage them manually. Versatile commerce provides a fully automated purchase and sales function which allows you collect a limitless number of sales order from all sales channels and employ the most reliable suppliers and shipping methods.

Profit from the possibility of streamlining the process of purchasing with a centralised suppliers information. Versatile commerce organises the inventory replenishment process by fully automating data exchanges with your suppliers.

Our winning warehouse management solution allows you to manage multiple warehouses conveniently. Versatile commerce generates accurate reports and makes sure you get a deeper insight into warehouse management.

Win the Buy Box profitably by strategically raising or lowering your prices in SKUs across all the channels you sell on in response to your competitors’ price or cost changes. You’d never again have to guess whether or not you are selling at a profit or a loss.

Expand Your Reach

Millions of buyers shop online on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, allow us to expose your brand to them.

Increase Sales and Stay Competitive

VE.R commerce has built the ultimate marketplace integration which provides you with a central system to manage all your listings, accounting and inventory as well as track every order. We integrate with dozens of marketplaces. Our extensive capabilities provide retailers with reliable multichannel selling solutions that other management systems can only promise but will not fulfil.

Excellent processing speed

We are wholeheartedly geared towards ensuring the success of your products on all marketplaces. Besides connecting you to these popular marketplaces, we provide effective functions for stock and interface management and also help you coordinate a central workflow. We simplify the process of synchronizing your e-commerce store categories with those of marketplaces. With the VE.R Commerce market integration solution, you get your online shop’s ERP system connected to marketplaces swiftly and easily. You also enjoy the benefits of its lightning fast product import.

Unswerving Product Management system

Rather than go through the troubles of setting up and customising your product information individually for each marketplace, we efficiently configure your product feed and send them to the desired channels in a single click. Explore the endless possibilities which our e-commerce suite offers regarding product data enrichment and optimisation by improving channel-specific product information and attributes.
Every professional integration to marketplaces requires relentless monitoring form a technical and business point of view. VE.R Commerce offers to lift this burden off your shoulders by providing extensive and customisable analysis and reporting tools. We fasten you firmly to the driving seat from where you can easily sell or exclude products from certain brands, make sub-selections of products on each marketplace, set maximum and minimum stock margins – Your options are virtually limitless.

Real-time inventory and pricing updates

Our fully-integrated interface provides a powerful connection to marketplaces which allows for constant maintenance and updates. We also offer an integrated Order Management Software which records every sale on all marketplaces and creates reports of inventory and order status.
We provide an extensive possibility for retailers to manage their stock and equip their products to compete and thrive on marketplaces. VE.R Commerce consistently keeps your prices competitive and ensure you never sell above or below current market prices.

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