Our Integrations

Own your eCommerce software

Order Management

Manage all orders centrally. VE.R Commerce sends you order details from all sales channels and allows you to export shipping details and tracking information to customers.

Integrate with ease

Integrate your ERP or online store with VE.R Commerce in a few steps and watch us take your business to new heights.

Dynamic repricing

Detect competitors’ price changes using our smart repricing and lower or raise your prices accordingly.

Business Intelligence

Get an all-round view of your business using our end-to-end integration solutions. Work smarter – Not harder and thrive in today’s ever-changing e-commerce world.

Warehouse management

Maintain accurate stock levels on all channels. Get accurate and in-depth reports of everything that happens throughout your inventory and supply chain.

Save time

Automate and simplify complex business operations with VE.R Commerce e-commerce management solutions.



Expanding your business to new online marketplaces isn’t easy because each marketplace has unique requirements. You would need a central hub which manages product data to prevent things from getting out of hand. VE.R Commerce expands your business to popular marketplaces and offers a single system which synchronises listings and inventory levels, centrally processes and fulfils orders in bulk, tracks SKU profitability and ultimately guarantees customer satisfaction.
VE.R commerce integrates with marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, shopping carts and more. Our marketplace integrations include: Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Game, Magento, Flubit, Trademe, Onbuy, Coolshop and so much more.

Courier/Shipping Integrators

We offer a robust courier/shipping integration platform that saves time and money on parcel distribution. Our services are direct products of innovative and world-class management practices geared to deliver your product to e-commerce retailers while catering for your customers’ need through a unique software integration. We are adept in picking, packing, and delivery of items wherever they need to go. We have profitable collaborations with prominent processing facilities and distribution centers all over the world (like UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, Bpost International, TNT, Aramex, DPD UK, DTDC, Hermesworld, Landmark Global, SkyNet Worldwide, UPS Mail Innovation, Whistl, Yodel and lots more – just mention it.

Accounting Integrations

VE.R Commerce is proud to offer accounting integration solution which enables retailers handle all orders and shipment from a single location. Whether EPOS or MOTO orders, VE.R Commerce gives you all the tools you need to take charge of your e-commerce operations. Our Account integration software incorporates virtually all the popular payment processing software packages. Get all financial data uploaded to your accounts packages. We’ve got you covered regarding the handling and calculation of VAT. We don’t just guess, we listen and proffer the best accounting integration that suits each of our customer’s business.
VE.R Commerce supports the best accounting software including: Quickbooks, XERO, Clearbooks, Sage online and more.

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